fizz in Vitamin C

fizz in Vitamin C by Lin Hsin Hsin,digital media pioneer,digital art,first virtual museum in the world, 1994

fizz in Vitamin C, 1988
Oil on Paper
78 x 54 cm
Aqua Series
coll; Deutsche Bank AG, RHO
with poem

Painting 1st exhibited during 6th solo exhibition
titled Where Water Flows, sponsored by Deutsche Bank AG
July 4 - 18, 1989, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore


fizz in Vitamin C

Vitamin C
every morning
it is you, whom I first see

in front of me
a tall glass
with just a very tiny rose

looking into the background
in monastry green
against my shirt
in purplish blue

one minute later
you, a small orange disk
into this tall glass
you jump & swim

looking pretty
slowly, you become...
fizzy & fuzzy
you're busy....

you fizzle
quiz you give
I puzzle?
& wisdom, I hope to receive  


Lin Hsin Hsin
March 19, 1989


  Oil on Paper  
 Aqua Series   


What Curator Says

"In the present series she records the impressions she receives from water through her other senses, such as taste, sight and touch. Like in the canvases, she deliberately manipulates oil paints to produce extraordinary translucency equivalent to that of watercolours to simulate the sensation of water. A lovely wit and wry humour underlies much ofher work, as in fizz in Vitamin C, 1988 (with poem), which is the artist's impression of an effervescent tablet dissolving in water. painted in luminescent purples and greens with small opaque accents of orange, yellow and black, the composition incorporates the naturally uneven edges of the 100% rag paper to produce a picture of delicacy and balance."

Excerpts from Art Catalog
Introduction to Aqua Series
Constance Sheares
Art Historian
July 1988

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