layers of time


Layers of Time

layers of time, 1989
Oil on Canvas
171 x 138 cm
Aqua Series
coll: National Art Gallery, Singapore

Painting 1st exhibited during 6th solo exhibition
titled Where Water Flows, sponsored by Deutsche Bank AG
July 4 - 18, 1989, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

with poem
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layers of time

looking into the sky
it was first dark
& stark

now you see light
now you don't

loud, thunder shouts
but rain, somewhere
in the great hide-outs

by now
more than half-an-hour
has gone

wind strong
looks like
it's going to storm

somewhere higher up
a beam of light
shines, like a spotlight

two little birds
lean against each other
close & tight
one with eyes open
one with eyes closed
both frightened? I suppose

another half-an-hour
will soon
be gone

winds throng
still looks like
it's going to storm...

in my studio
ideas pour...  


first published in p. 42 take a word for a walk , 1989

Lin Hsin Hsin
March 19, 1989 


 Oil on Canvas 
 Aqua Series   

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