virus struck & spread
cast miseries

to singles & families
from toddlers to retirees

unprecedented, unimaginable & unprepared
quarantine, social distancing & lockdowns are necessary

rather, stringent policies

is it a good policy, the correct policy, or the best policy?

to detect, to test, to contain or to eradicate?

centralized versus decentralized
contact versus proximity tracing
become a ritual or policy
will depend on the urgency


virus struck & spread
cast miseries

from prime ministers to diginitaries
this is a virus that knows no |boundaries|

everyone is affected, supply chain is reflected
the only difference is, the degree of adversaries

mask strapped, experiencing hardship in loneliness & economy
unnecessary domestic chores, indeed, life without quality!

is this mandatory or can it be adverted?
depends or how far or short sighted with the makers of the policies!

in fact, there is no difference in the preparedness:
virus in the real world versus virus in cyberspace
attack surfaces are sum of attack vectors
must be definded & defended, continuously & vigorously

predefined threat actors define defence policies:
to detect, prevent & protect end points, clusters & networks, instantly
as any & every delay will be far to costly!
& damage control may not be exercised, regrettably!

this is when complacency & inability to react
will be the last resort to the resurgence of the next wave
be it a tidal wave or a t s u n a m i
let alone an exit strategy!

policy or fallacy?


Lin Hsin Hsin
April 19, 2020