9 o'clock meeting


9 o'clock meeting by Lin Hsin Hsin,digital media pioneer,digital art,digital art guru,established first virtual museum in the world,1994,time,meeting

9 o'clock meeting, 1990
Oil on Paper
53 x 81 cm
with poem
Time Series
coll: Deutsche Bank AG, RHO

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9 o'clock meeting

this is Monday morning
9 o'clock meeting
I, as an observer
find it most interesting

9 o'clock sharp
boss already seated
with a few in the room
still moving around

seat positions?
but many are still not comfortable
with each other as neighbor

many are still deciding
this is Monday morning
a few are hungover from last evening --
almost all-night dancing
head still spinning
mouth heavily yawning
would rather take the position -- lying

some need tea or coffee
before & during the meeting
two secretaries, dutifully serving
besides minutes-taking

all seem to be delaying
boss's temperature up
voice commanding
& face perspiring

again, there are always some
who are patient & understanding
remain their first choice & liking

call this a Monday morning
9 o'clock me..ee..ting
the first thing, of a working-week
& the last thing, for someone weak

wake-up & at least, pay attention & listen
for, your future may fly or sink
coll: Deutsche Bank AG, RHO
will, very much, depend on this
Monday morning, 9 o'clock meeting

it's simply not
just another Monday morning
just another
9 o'clock meeting

Lin Hsin Hsin
February 1, 1991 


 Oil on Paper 
 Time Series  

digital art museum, first virtual museum in the world since 1994